Aw-ha moments 1

So I have learned something. Having children can be hard very hard some say it gets easier but I’m saying (my point of view) it doesn’t get easier it actually gets harder. I never get a mental break from the crying, or repeating something a million times or them asking for something when I have just sat down for a “mental break”. It seems like a dark future but it’s not if you think of it this way. You have grown body parts, they are apart you. Sounds weird I know but I don’t think I could function properly without them they are my heart, veins, blood. Even though it can be really hard sometimes we have to walk right through the storm and when you do the other side is even more beautiful then you could have imagine. Whatever is going on it will pass it always does because we live in a world that is moving all the time. And we can’t stop it so we have to make the best of it. Pick up and move along. Be happy and don’t take those moments with the kids for granted.


One of those days

This is one of those days where I think like a old fashioned cartoon, ya know like where a hammers comes down and smacks the character in the head and his face is all bent up with a big BOOM balloon above his head. Yeah one of those days where I’m running from the enemy and all the sudden there dogs with super big teeth right on my butt but I suck it in and wo that was close. Yeah one of those days with the kids! Today I’m starving for a break and I can’t seem to get one! Anyone who is reading this please leave a comment and tell me how you get a break from your kids.

Depression and having children part 2

I told you my story of how I found out there was something seriously wrong but now I wanna talk about how I handle it all.

When you have depression you feel like you are from a different world and no one in this world would understand you. My motivation (other then my kids) is God. Yes the Holy Bible helps me. Time back then was not so easy there was a real struggle. Look at Job who The Devil had a wager with the Almighty God that he could sway Job from him. Job loved God even though Satan had taken everything from him; his wealth, his children, his health. He never once cursed God instead he cursed the day he was born. It is not Gods fault we go through the things we do. Satan is behind the scenes trying to make our life’s worse. Once we let go and let God it all gets better. This I promise, God is bigger then any problems we have. We have to have faith and trust God even in the dark times. Especially in the dark times.

1. God helps me get through my depression

2. Find something new to do. I learned to crochet watching YouTube videos. Now it calms me.

3. Don’t forget about your partner. Sex relives stress and turns down the volume on depression.

4. Drink herbal tea with honey. If your having a chemical Imbalance tea and herbs will help.

5. Play your favorite music and actually sing! Sing your heart out. No mater how stupid you think you sound.

6. Try something that scars you. And do it.

This is a list of things I have tried that has help me feel amazing. Don’t forget to love yourselves do things for you too.

Depression and having children

So it is no secret I struggle with depression. Some days I can’t even get up and do my own dishes it seems too overwhelming. I am not lazy and am naturally a busy body. Here is my story from the top.

I was 22 years old when I had my first child Sophia. I was so happy but there was apart of me that was sad and I had no good reason to be sad. The doctor said it was the baby blues. But then I started having scary thoughts of dropping her. I was so afraid the first six months I wouldn’t bring her in the kitchen because the floor was so hard and if I dropped her I would never forgive myself. So my “baby blues ” was turning into something a little more. I was struggling with post Pardam. I knew this and did not talk to my doctor about it or anyone. I continue to have a lot of happy moments more then the bad I felt I was getting better. Then we decided to move back to Oklahoma where I grew up. Things had gotten stressful because the job my husband now had taken him away from us most the time. I was with Sophia alone. I gained weight and started smoking. After Sophia’s first birthday we found out we were pregnant with our second child. Everything seem to have been getting better we now had our own place, Sophia had her very own room, Ward had gotten a better job. And I was determined to have a healthy baby so I ate as healthy as I could on our budget and started up some yoga. But soon depression hit me hard. I didn’t realize I had it so bad until I was running out in the rain barefoot crying. Not because I was pregnant but because every little thing sit me on edge. I ended up busting my toe and catching a cold. I realize then that something was terribly wrong. I wasn’t on medication. After I had had my son I seen a doctor right away and gotten on some medication. Once again I started to feel better and better we were going through a very happy stage in our life. It was going so good we had actually decided to have another baby soon very soon I was pregnant with our third child. Another son. It was all smooth sailing the next year. I had a scheduled birth with Stetson so everything went pretty smooth I was happy to have a newborn again this time I was on medication. Then here recently (my youngest is 18 months now) I started feeling a little down once again. Not feeling motivated to do anything or get anything done. And eventually started having suicidal thoughts. Like I’m worthless and I’m stuck in routines. I am on new medication now. The point of this story is to get help right away when you have postpartum don’t wait! The sooner you get help the better off you are. Everyday is a struggle for me but what keeps me going is my little angels they need their mama. It is no longer about me but about them.

Let’s talk workouts and when is the best time?

Hello beautiful world of bloggers and readers. Let’s talk about our health for a moment, (as you can probably tell I write short. Short and simple, why drag it on right.) Do you get enough workout time? Being a mama you probably feel like you do but let’s face it chasing the kids around the house is not considered a workout even though it is tiresome. Here is what I like to do to get in a few minutes of workout. You don’t have to do a whole lot. And it is very simple. Once the kids are layd down for the night, which mine go to bed around 7:30 8:00 but routine is a different story, I go to my room, put on some of my favorite workout music with a good beat and I dance my heart out! Or you could do what you prefer, yoga, scrunches, anything you could do for about 20-30 minutes. Most importantly have fun let yourself smile. This will make you sleep better plus it will give your sex drive some help! I always sleep like a baby with a little workout before bed. But that little bit helps and is better then nothing at all. With in time you will see results but for the time being be HAPPY with the body you do have and work it! Who cares what your husband thinks of you working out it may turn him on who knows! Then you’ll be energized and ready. (laughs)

How to meditate heartburn away!

Yes you saw that right! Meditate heartburn away. We have so much more power then we realize call chi or energy. I like to sit comfortable on my yoga mat or simply on the couch or in a very quiet room with no one to intrude. ( particularly when the husband is home to watch the kids, or a sister, mom, or friend) close your eyes and count your breathing, calm your breathing and get it in a rhythm and not uneven. Thing about a little tiny “you ” walking down your tong and right at the spot that hurts. Your carrying a bucket of something that looks like a leafy medicine. You stop at the spot that hurts. Put on your gloves and grab some of that medicine and start massaging it on the spot that hurts. You feel relief. A cool sensation. You can breath without it hurting. It worked.

Now this doesn’t work if you have a serious problem going on. But if it’s a random heartburn it will work! If you keep having heartburn you should see your Dr. but hey this works for me! or you could kick heartburns butt like Goku!!! “Laughs”

Simply so busy

I could be pregnant with our fourth child right now as I write. I will find out for sure tomorrow. I just had to blog about it. I am destined to be a mama. There are mamas out there that have seven. But I could be having my fourth this is BIG to me since how I was the only child in my family and I didn’t see cousins often so I was a pretty shy child. I told myself I wouldn’t stop at one because I would want the first child to have a forever friend. No I am thinking more of forever enemies. It isn’t that my daughter and son hate each other they just like to pick at each other sometimes it can be pretty funny because their only three and five.

We are trying to get on a good schedule with launch/snacks my kids are always so hungry. My five year old it seems every hour she is ready for a snack yet she is so skinny but she also has a lot of energy, those are symptoms of a perfectly healthy 5 year old. I made a Breakfast, launch, snack, and dinner list of all the things my kids love to eat and posted it on the fridge and a copy in my bag so I’ll always know. Sometimes, well for me, it’s hard to remember exactly everything they love because I am simply so busy. It’s wonderful to have a list with food, events, everything so you’ll always be ready. When my daughter comes home from school I always make sure I have a snack ready and handy for her. Because I know the moment she gets home she is going to scream for something to eat. It makes life so much easier to already be well prepared. I hope I have helped out today! Have a wonderful day! And don’t forget to have time for yourself today!